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Wish it was longer with more stuff to do but since it was made for a two minute horror game jam there isn't much you could of done about it.

That twist! bru!!

Nice ending

i love how you play a 3 sentence story that i love wonderful job 

nice game didnt expect the ending

What a Plot Twist haha

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Whelp. That tears it. No kids for me, thanks. 

I liked it. Didn't expect the ending because I was more suspicious of the dad's behavior. 

what a plot twist. it was terrifying to find out the truth XD

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for this awesome horror game! I absolutely loved it and I had so much fun playing it! I made a YouTube video of my playthrough, I hope that's okay! I would love to see more games from you in the future! ♥ Bye~

Funny Game. Bobby is a legend

i really like this game i enjoyed the visuals and the sounds mostly

Gameplay BR

Good Night Bobby is in the 5th edition of GAMES OF TERROR! also sweet game i got a certain king of the hill line for bobby 

This is pretty good for a short game. It was a predicable but still a good game over all. I will defiantly be waiting for future games. 

Love your game bro. its very smooth. hope you make long game soon

Second game in this video. 

I really like the concept and I know it was for the 2 min. jam but I would've loved for the game to go on for a bit longer.

Maybe the twist could've been that shadow Bobby couldn't get his lazy butt off of the bed because he would've lost his form. Maybe the twist could've been that he wanted the curtains closed because real Bobby was trying to get home and shadow Bobby needed to buy time to get rid of him. Who knows! But this concept has potential and in 2min. I feel you guys were able to explore one of them pretty well.

This game made me happy. Check out the gameplay!

What is wrong with Bobby lol..

I slightly ruined the ending for myself because of how attentive I was.. However, I didn't fully as the twist still shocked me. Bobby is a little weirdo for chilling in the closet. I liked how you made the room really seem like a child's room, even tho the child himself looked to be a lot older. Although a big chunk of the game is just tasks for Bobby, it was easy to commentate on and have fun with from start to finish! Game starts at 3:02


I loved this game it was really creepy especially the ending. (No spoilers). I hope you like my gameplay and Check out my channel SilverChiara. I hope to see more games from you!

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out gameplay here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The ending was unexpected. The game is creepy and it feels like it's leading to something else. It's cool as the sense on tension is present but then you get surprised by the way everything turned out.

2. Sound design is nice. There is something about it that makes you hear weird noises like footsteps and stuff. I am still not sure, whether there were strange soft noises or I imagined it all. Either way, that means that the choice of sounds was nice.

3. I also adored the work with lights: the way shadows came into the room from the window and how the lamp illuminated a part of the wall. That was very creepy and unsettling for some reason.


1. Maybe some more intractable objects would be cool. Or maybe some text lines about stuff in the room would be interesting to add.

2. As the player can peep in the closet and get an idea of what is happening, it would be cool to allow the player to take action and get a different ending.

3. Animation at the end was a bit funky. I honestly don't know how to improve it as I know nothing about game development, but I wish it would be different.


The game is cool and it's very hard to decide whether it deserves 4 or 5 stars. Still, I will rate it 4 because the experience felt a bit empty. It was interesting and well-executed but lacked attention to details which I mentioned in the disadvantages. So, there is room for improvement.

Hope my feedback was useful!

I really enjoyed this! The twist was super cool, it's one of my favorite scary story types!


well this was it 

If this game has taught me anything, its that before i purchase a new house i gotta check if its not haunted or possessed haha! fun short horror game, nice ps1 aesthetics, i dig it!! (It is the first game i played) 

This was an amazing game! Can't even trust my son anymore lol This was the final game in the video! 

awesome game! Please check out my play through below 

The child may have taken ecstasy........

Things are always not they seems to be! No wonder this boy wobbles and ask for lots of things! The boy is... annoying more than usual... Really nice concept! 

Ending was spoiled for me within the first 30 seconds. Too bad cause it would have been a great twist!

i hope you enjoy the video, i like the style of the game :D

I like the art style, I caught on to the story when my girlfriend pointed out the closet mid gameplay. But I love that the child's name is bobby, I think it leads into a lot of jokes. I'm excited to see what y'all do in the future! I can't really think of any ways to improve the game, I think all around it was solid! Keep up the great work!

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